Tal Ben Avi

“Not Me, Us” Collaborative Benefit Project

Hi everyone,

“Not Me, Us” is a collaborative photo project with 100% of the proceeds going to One Fair Wage to help gig workers affected by COVID-19. One Fair Wage is a program aimed to help end unjust minimum wage throughout the country. They are offering cash assistance to hourly workers affected by the pandemic, and have even been endorsed by Bernie Sanders

Not Me, Us offers nearly 200 pages of unreleased work from 100 artists across the nation (Including mine).

Happy to be sharing collaborating with you alongside amazing works and team. Thank you Benjamin M. Lieber for the opportunity and raising awareness.

All proceeds from this book will be donated to One Fair Wage, who provides financial relief to tipped, service, and gig workers facing hardship during COVID.


The link above to order - physicals are $30, and digital versions are available as well for only $10.

Read an interview of Benjamin M. Lieber with The Alternative:

Front cover by Laura Supnik

All internal text by Frankie Ruggiero

About page by Keegan O’Brien

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