Born in Israel, 1990. Today he lives and works in NYC.

2013 – 2017 Fine Arts Diploma at Hamidrasha Faculty of Arts, Beit Berl, Israel.
2011 - 2012 Photography Diploma, Camera Obscura – The School of Arts, Tel Aviv, Israel.

2018 - 2020 Former member of Cooperative P8 gallery in Tel Aviv.

Solo Exhibition:

2018 'Post Encounters' Solo Exhibition at Hadassah Academic College Gallery, Jerusalem. Curated by Judith Guetta

Selected Group Exhibitions:

2020  ‘RELIEF MARKT’ - Supporting artists through the pandemic and beyond. Brooklyn, New York.

2019 "After Midnight", Herzl 16, Tel Aviv, Israel. Curated by Maya Perry.

“The Collectivists - A Group Portrait”, The Artists House Tel Aviv, Israel. Curated by Orly Hoffman.

“TEDER 30x5x5” Print Fair, Teder, Tel Aviv, Israel. Curated by Michael Liani.

2018 "Summer Seeds" , Gate 3, Haifa, Israel. Curated by Smadar Schindler.

2016 "Looting and Offering" , Hayarkon 19 Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel.

2015 "Looting and Offering" , Hayarkon 19 Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel.

2014 “Art in BAR KAYMA #1”Group Exhibition Curated by Naomi Slaney, Tel Aviv, Israel.

2013 “In Memory: Tribute To Yehudit Matzkel” ,Indie Photography Group Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel.

Honors and Awards - 

2017 Excellence Award Certificate In Fine Arts Named by Shlomo Vitkin, Hamidrasha, Faculty of arts, Beit Berl, Israel.

Published Magazines & Books -

"Not Me, Us" Collaborative Photo book Project 2020

Rûm Issue°IV 2019

Incandescent: A Color Filmzine: Issue Eleven by Helen Jones, Pine IslandPress 2017

Interviews -

2017 ‘Coeval Magazine’ Interview

2020 AICF - America-Israel Cultural Foundation; Artist Spotlight Interview

Publications and Media Online -


'Post Encounters' Exhibition Review in Haaretz 2018

'Manofim' The Art Cube Artists Studios Newspaper Review 'Post Encounters' Exhibition 2018

'Post Encounters' Project Feature at C41 MAGAZINE 2019

Untitled Collective Issue 8 Online Magazine 2018

Der Grief Guest-Room Online Exhibition Selection by Photocaptionist

Photo/Foto Magazine Review 'Post Encounters' Project 2018

EYESCAPE MAGAZINE - An Independent Project Born to Promote Independent Visions 2018

Float Photo Magazine - Online 'Home' Theme Exhibition

Faculty Of Arts 'Hamidrasha' Undergraduate Exhibition Review at Haaretz Online Newspaper 2017

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